Ksenia Anatolievna

I don't know you personally. But I I've heard and read a lot about you, I watched your TV programs. I'm very upset about the story happened to you. Let me explain why. I used to work as an investigator, and I had a lot of cases and materials that were fabricated to discredit, punish innocent people who were guilty only because their existence hindered higher-ranking someone. Thank God, in my practice, I had no such a case sent to the court with the indictment, and all such cases were closed. But this is why I left my job within law-enforcement system - I could not stand these fabricated cases.



Regarding the materials of your case I was able to read, I feel that your case is «ordered», fabricated. What strikes me is a bunch of lost connections, gaps and blind spots in your case. It seems that the investigator is not qualified enough, or purely wants to accuse you of something you did not do, and leaves those "mistakes" on purpose, in sight. We pray that God will resolve this situation, and you will be able to return home to your loved ones and family.



If you need my help with anything, I'll be glad to help. May the Lord does not leave you and your loved ones.