Irina Sorokina

I know Father Gleb for a long time. He became the rector of the church of the holy martyr John the Warrior in the Gatchina district of Leningrad region (the village Verevo). He is known and loved in this village. We wait for him and believe he'll come back. All thousands of parishioners in Tsarskoye Selo. He will come back after his mission to help with the center for alcoholics and drug addicts in Israel.



To be honest, just think about it: he is only 35 years old! He has such a large and close-knit family, a wonderful mother!!! In his own family he first adopted children, and then they got their own. Although this is not so true. He loves all children as his own. You see this truly fatherly attitude!!! Look at how much he had done for his 35 years? He trained in junior football school, "Zenit". In 16 years at the international tournament in Germany he was the top goalscorer. Graduated from the Department of Pedagogy the Faculty of Physical Education at Sport Institute named after Lesgaft, as football coach. In 2000-2004, he was a staff sub-deacon by Metropolitan Vladimir of St. Petersburg. In 2004 he was ordained to a deacon by Metropolitan Vladimir of St. Petersburg. In 2005 he graduated from St. Petersburg Theological seminary. In 2006-2009 he taught a subject "Orthodox" at gymnasium of Tsarskoye Selo. Was a TV presenter at TV channel "Tsarskoye Selo" of a series of programs "The word". Served as rector of the church of the Nativity of the Virgin Maria at the former Nikolaev gymnasium of Tsarskoye Selo. He worked at the Center for Social Adaptation of St. Basil the Great for juvenile offenders. He taught a subject Orthodoxy at Alexander Nevsky Gymnasium, where he published a magazine for young people "Gymnasium student". He worked in scouting youth organizations "ORYR" and "Hero" (St. Petersburg). Presenter of programs for youth on the radio, "Maria full of grace" and "Grad Petrov". Gives talks on the catechesis for young people and adults. Coordinator of social and youth projects, spiritual and educational programs for deanery of Tsarskoye selo. Engaged in programs on prevention of HIV and AIDS among children from orphanages and social institutions. Presenter of the exclusive spiritual and moral TV program in Saint Petersburg "From earth to heaven."


Advisor to Director General of FC "Zenit" on spiritual and moral issues.

Spiritual mentor of the pupils "Children's Village - SOS" of Pushkin town. Always smiling and with an open kind heart!


If you believe in the priest – you'll find a lot of causes for frustration, but if you believe in God – He’ll never disappoint you! Tragedy occurs when people are not able to see a difference in these concepts.



"The accusation against an elder you should accept only with two or three witnesses."


Father Gleb could be my son regarding his age. But I respect and see him as Father. For the whole year our connection was not broken. And I could not even imagine that communication with father Gleb in such a virtual way would still make me strong and would strengthen my faith and will give me power. Listening to father Gleb and reading his notes, I've learned a lot and I've changed a lot!!! Thanks to him! I miss him al lot here! I pray that father Gleb will return as quickly as possible, that God sends welfare and health to all his family and all friends.