Hearing in the Supreme Court of Israel (High Court)

Dear friends,


There was a hearing on the extradition of my brother in the Supreme Court of Israel (High Court) on September 7, 2015.  The hearing was visited by lots of different media representatives. But  it was only Israel's 9th channel   broadcasting a report on the hearing after. You can find their video below http://9tv.co.il/video/2015/09/07/57767.html



As I was told by some journalists, other channels, including Russia TV, Lifenews and others - received instructions not to broadcast any material that may occur to be not patriotic to Russian authorities. There should be only one line in all TV reports - "Grozovsky is being brought to Russia." There is no other point of view possible ...


We continue to defend my brother, because the prosecutor's provocation has been failed. The court asked the Israeli prosecutor's about some mysterious documents, which no one had, but which were mentioned in the court and so now the prosecutor's office is required to present these files. Also, the judge offered attorney Khaim to provide some additional documents. If the court had any confidence in the validity of the charges in the first place, the extradition decision would have been already made.


As for the "capitulation" as Sergei Grankin said, everything my brother wished for was to help drug addicts. His initiatives to create open and accessible rehabilitation centers for addicts were seen as a potential threat to the management of exciting rehabilitation centers and foundations, who actually were not engaged in any rehabilitation at all. They were originally created to "cash out" millions of budget funds for programs helping drug addicts. My brother began to create real centers what inadvertently became a threat to the monopoly of the people who treated sick people as "dead souls", statistical "units", "live" material for grants. My brother will leave their business to them, because his family and peace in his heart are much more important to him than a fight for money, which was never meant to be taken from these people (or unpeople)...


Father Gleb was not allowed to wear his cassock, so he appeared in the court wearing the only clothes he had in prison – sport wear of his football club "Zenith". Friends at the  FC keep supporting his wife Tanya and children nowadays.


My brother said once that the time would come and we would see church flags and flags of our FC club waving together over Nevsky prospect in Saint Petersburg. And it became true. If people can be united for good, there will be no place left for evil then.


God bless you all!


Lyuba Grozovskaya