"Pilgrim’s journey" to human suffering

Dear Friends!


On September 27, Exaltation of the Holy Cross, I visited priest Gleb in Israel.


There were a lot of surprising meetings with parishioners, monks, priests, journalists and Israeli, who empathize our family and feel with all our difficulties.


What really pleased me was the mood of priest Gleb, and the personal qualities he obtained during his stay in Israeli Schabas (prison system). This little "pilgrim’s journey" to human suffering has changed and enriched him a lot. I saw his cherishing heart full of the joy knowing the Lord providentially gave to him what he asked for to become the real one.


Father Gleb’s booklet about faith is very popular in prison, he makes rosaries out of bread and ink, if someone asks he makes crosses out of matches, writes notes, stories for his children. He uses his cassock as a pillow. I was also surprised  by the good reaction of jailers to us visiting a Russian priest. This prison Shita (Sata) is mainly  for terrorists and life-term prisoners. And still we were given almost a private meeting room and a lot of time to talk -  longer than expected.


We do hope that Father Gleb will be released soon, while someone might still think that he is the master of someone’s fate and life. I saw the prison pass of father Gleb and the latest figures were - 37, which made me think of another figures - 1937.


The investigator might still try to "correct" in a hurry  his shameful accusation, he might still try to send false documents written on the knee or fax any documents he likes without any translation and seals in a half an hour before the trial, the Lord has opened the eyes of Israel's judges. As I was informed - this is the first time in the history of Israel that the High Court has not made a decision. Attorney Khaim Eizenkot keeps seeking protection and freedom for my brother.


There are statements submitted in Russia on the illegality of detention, there will be hearings in the Supreme Court and the Municipal Court of St. Petersburg of a  case of "Mother" Elena Fedotova, although my brother is still looking for peace and does not wish to act against someone else.


We thank everyone who supports us with prayers or financially, which is quite essential for us nowadays.

My brother and our family bows to all of you!

The Holy Martyr John the Warrior pray for us!


Lyuba Grozovskaya