The decision of the Supreme Court of Israel

Dear friends!


Israeli Supreme Court confirmed the first judgment about the extradition of priest Gleb to Russia.


This means that the fate of Father Gleb  will be determined by politics, ministers and advisors in the near future.

There is no bilateral treaty with Israel on legal aid so there is no obligation to extradite a person even with a judgment, that’s why attorney Khaim Eizenkot has filed a petition to the grand jury of the Supreme Court – Bagats, the High Court.


In another month Khaim is going  to send in an application for retrial to the executive authorities of the State of Israel and also to the international institutions.


We will continue holding press conferences, concerts and public debates.


In the near future there will be a big press conference with the participation of human rights activists in Tel Aviv (Israel).


Once again we would like to thank you all for your help, especially for your support in organizing the first city festival "The power of the truth." We finally have prepared a collective address to Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.


Father Theophilus Bogolyubov was one of the first persons who supported priest Gleb in  Israel and publicly defended him in St. Petersburg


Dear friends, with the blessing of Father Gleb I have the honor to invite you to the concert of priest Theophilus  in St. Petersburg


Despite all the critics, we will pray for love and humility to be given to our family.


God bless you!



Lyuba Grozovskaya