The prosecution continues to interfere with Grozovsky's attorney

Dear All!


Yesterday, March 29, 2017, the unheard of happened! The court limited my brother's right to know what he was accused of. This court session took place at the Primorsky District Court.


I will explain everything in order:
At the request of investigator Smirnov the courts has limited access to the case file for Fr. Gleb's attorney Mikhail Utkin and Fr. Gleb himself until April 11.
Both Mikhail and I learned about the court only the day before, and immediately came there to find out what was happening there. When I arrived at the court, I immediately learned that the meeting was closed and the production of an audio record (authorized by the Criminal Procedure Code) for Mikhail Utkin was prohibited. However, I do not quite understand why the meeting was closed if only procedural issues were decided, and not substantive issues.


As it turned out at the end of four hours of court hearings, the familiarization with the case was limited only for Mikhail and Fr. Gleb, but is not at all restricted for the lawyer Sergei Ivanov, appointed by the investigator to represent Fr. Gleb. It turns out that the lawyer Ivanov, whom Father Gleb rejected, is permitted to get acquainted with the case materials separately from Father Gleb himself.


Thus, the lawyer Ivanov will know what Father Gleb is accused of, while Father Gleb himself can not find out. Since Father Gleb did not submit a petition for separate acquaintance with the materials, the investigator Boris Smirnov himself ruled that the lawyer Ivanov may get acquainted with the case material in order to "ensure Grozovsky's right to defense."
Friends! It turns out that investigator Boris Smirnov better knows what kind of lawyer should protect the accused. At the same time, the Primorsky District Court considers that all the actions of the investigation are absolutely legal. The court sees no contradictions or illegality in the actions of the investigator.


The wildest thing about all this ugliness is that despite the fact that the lawyer Mikhail Utkin and Fr. Gleb refused to agree to limited access to the case materials two months ago, the court has now issued a restriction order. This is like issuing a restriction against eating meat on a person who has months previously written that during Lent they will refrain from meat.


You remember, I told you and showed you a video, where investigator Boris Smirnov said that Father Gleb's lawyer Utkin does not want to get acquainted with the case materials, violating Grozovsky's right to defense? So, the fact is that Mikhail Utkin did not get acquainted with the materials of the case because Smirnov refused to provide him with these materials in full, stating that he (Smirnov) was not donkey to be used to carry them all. Later, Mikhail appealed the very fact that the case was not filed and was not presented to him in the proper form, but received the answer that everything was legal and justified.


How come, friends? On February 8, 2017, Mikhail and Father Gleb asked investigator Smirnov to bring the case to court. At the same time, a protocol was drawn up. Despite the demand to send the case to the court, the investigator decided that he knows what Grozovsky needs better than Fr. Gleb's lawyer.


A question arises: maybe the investigation is just wasting time? It turns out that Father Gleb wants the case to be in court, and the consequence does not want it. Now, the lawyer Ivanov, who was brought in by the investigator, will continue reading the file while Father Gleb will continue to be under investigation until Sergei Ivanov finishes reading.


It seems like they are trying to break not only Fr. Gleb, but all of us. Apparently they are testing us for strength and our knowledge of the law. I understand that our courts do not work. Apparently, we can not count on justice in Russia. It turns out that it is not the one who knows the law who is right, but he who has the power to interpret it in their favor.


When I stood yesterday near the door to the courtroom, I heard Father Gleb, speaking to someone saying: "You hid the victims abroad, but they are not real victims." The real victims are my children, my mother and my wife! That's who the victims are. "


Near the courtroom were NTV journalists, Kommersant newspapers, and also Life 78. The reporters of Komsomolskaya Pravda, FAN TV, and many others are also following the case. I assure you, journalists are far from stupid and are surprised by what is happening with Father Gleb. Every day their reports become more and more objective.


The main question for you, friends is this: Do you think it is proper that the investigator himself decide for the accused who will defend his rights? Will this be the lawyer Mikhail Utkin, whom Father Gleb chose or the lawyer Sergei Ivanov, appointed by Boris the investigator?


It seems that in the case of Fr. Gleb Grozovsky anything is possible, and even the most impossible!


It can be seen that the investigation has nothing to cover in court. I think that in the case there is nothing substantial except the interrogations of "pseudo-sufferers" and the responses to complaints. Therefore, the investigation drags out the period of familiarization. It has driven itself into a corner.


Friends! Maybe it's worth looking for alternative solutions to the problem?


I propose to create maximum public pressure and go out to the foreign press.


Let them know about Russian justice abroad (although this is no surprise to anyone)! Father Gleb has nothing to hide. As long as I have the strength, I will fight for the truth, even to the end. I will be glad if you can support me with prayers and contacts.


Thank you all! I'm sorry that I can not always answer everyone! This is very difficult now, because I'm very tired.


Watch the court on April 4, where you will hear an appeal against the decision of City Court of the St. Petersburg court of 17 February 2017 on the extension of the detention of Father Gleb. The hearing will take place in the St. Petersburg City Court at ul. Basseynaya, 6 (room 37B) at 11 am. If you want to see Father Gleb, at least a glimpse, come to court. The session will be closed, but nevertheless you will be able to see him and he will be able to see you.


See you soon, dear friends!