The prosecution continues to interfere with Grozovsky's attorney

Dear All!


Yesterday, March 29, 2017, the unheard of happened! The court limited my brother's right to know what he was accused of. This court session took place at the Primorsky District Court.


I will explain everything in order:
At the request of investigator Smirnov the courts has limited access to the case file for Fr. Gleb's attorney Mikhail Utkin and Fr. Gleb himself until April 11.
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We continue helping Father Gleb

Dear all!


We continue helping Father Gleb.


The prison No 4 in Israel that’s where he’s got his obedience. Today Farther Gleb told me on the phone that he had discussions with the prisoners, he mentioned a positive attitude towards him, the staff was very surprised to everything going on outside their prison walls. Father Gleb received gifts, he’s allowed to have extended visits.

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The decision of the Supreme Court of Israel

Dear friends!


Israeli Supreme Court confirmed the first judgment about the extradition of priest Gleb to Russia.


This means that the fate of Father Gleb  will be determined by politics, ministers and advisors in the near future.

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The festival in support of  priest Gleb Grozovsky "The power of the truth"

Dear friends!


Our festival in support of priest Gleb Grozovsky "The power of the truth" has been completed ( videos).

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"Pilgrim’s journey" to human suffering

Dear Friends!


On September 27, Exaltation of the Holy Cross, I visited priest Gleb in Israel.


There were a lot of surprising meetings with parishioners, monks, priests, journalists and Israeli, who empathize our family and feel with all our difficulties.

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Hearing in the Supreme Court of Israel (High Court)

Dear friends,


There was a hearing on the extradition of my brother in the Supreme Court of Israel (High Court) on September 7, 2015.  The hearing was visited by lots of different media representatives. But  it was only Israel's 9th channel   broadcasting a report on the hearing after. You can find their video below


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